Happy Birthday Message Turns Into Single-Vehicle Crash

We are constantly reminded not to text and drive. This is because distracted driving is one of the biggest contributors to deadly traffic accidents in California and across the country. This week, a woman trying to drive and record a “happy birthday” message on her cellphone discovered first-hand the dangers of distracted driving. Luckily for her, a FedEx driver saw the accident she ended up in and came to her rescue, possibly saving her life, according to this report from CBS Los Angeles.

This woman looked down at her cellphone for a split second as she drove her Subaru along the road. When she looked up, her vehicle was heading right into the Truckee River, which was icy cold at the time. The woman found herself trapped in the half-submerged vehicle, and water was still rushing in. Her life was in danger, to say the least.

A FedEx driver was on the same road and saw the Subaru crash into the river. He quickly stopped and jumped into the cold water to give assistance. After some struggling, he was able to get the back door open and the woman could crawl her way out.

The police believe this man saved the woman’s life. No one sustained any major injuries.

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