Bear Jumps Onto Police Cruiser, Causes Car Fire. Deputy Escapes

The men and women who protect and serve us through the different agencies of law enforcement in our country go through rigorous training. That training includes how to keep the peace, deal with all kinds of different situations and emergencies. But in every law officer’s career, there will undoubtedly be some situations that weren’t covered in the academy.

Such an incident came up for a Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputy in Northern California near the town of Orleans. The Los Angeles Times reports via MSN that on Saturday, August 3rd, the deputy was driving along Highway 96 responding to a call of a possible drug overdose when a bear jumped or fell onto the windshield of his patrol cruiser from a higher elevation.

The force of impact from the bear falling onto the vehicle shattered the windshield and caused severe damage to the hood of the cruiser. The vehicle struck an embankment along the road, rolled over onto its side and caught fire.

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputy managed to escape from the burning cruiser with only minor injuries. A fire crew responded to the scene of the fiery crash and was able to contain the fire within an area of approximately of one half-acre. Authorities say that the patrol cruiser was completely destroyed in the incident.

The California Department of Transportation issued a statement reassuring the public that the bear also managed to escape and fled the scene of the accident.

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