Car Accident Leads To Accusation Of Police Brutality In Lennox

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is investigating an incident of police brutality after a car accident. The Root reported on the matter.

The incident happened in Lennox. Video from one witness to the accident was uploaded to Twitter and triggered the investigation. The video shows a man flagging down two deputies to assist after the accident, but the man ended up getting tased. A relative of the man tried to intervene, but he was also taken into custody.

Multiple witnesses on the video can be heard arguing with the police and expressing dismay at their actions. One of them had the presence of mind to record the incident.

Both men had to be taken to the hospital. The man who was tased is still recovering, but his relative has been released and charged with battery on a peace officer and obstruction.

The deputies say that the tased man ran into the roadway and blocked their path, then refused to follow orders.

Situations like these are one of the core reasons why the Black Lives Matter movement continues to protest. We hope that the investigation is thorough and comes to a fair conclusion that brings justice to those involved.

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