Wrong-Way Drivers Ditch Car, But Still Caught By Police

Los Angeles Police Department officers have arrested two suspects after they ditched the vehicle they were driving the wrong way on the 110 Freeway on Monday Night.

FOX11 in Los Angeles reports that LAPD officers were in pursuit of the suspects following an armed robbery of an SUV in South Los Angeles.  According to a statement from the Los Angeles Police Department, the chase began near the intersection of McKinley Avenue and 52nd Place. At least four police cruisers were involved in the pursuit of the vehicle that entered the freeway going the wrong direction at approximately 5:30 p.m. during rush hour.

According to eyewitnesses to the incident, the suspects jumped out of the vehicle they had just stolen near Vernon Avenue.  The SUV was abandoned in the middle of the crowded freeway and while it was still moving. Now driverless, the vehicle finally crashed into a center divider. 

 The suspects dodged through cars on foot.   The two men ran up an embankment that separates the northbound lanes from the southbound lanes of the freeway.  

Both suspects were apprehended by police and placed under arrest. Their identities have not yet been released.  However, authorities believe that both suspects may have been armed and may be members of a gang that has been known to operate in the area of the carjacking.

No further information has been released regarding the incident.

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