Tow-Truck Driver Accused Of Hit-And-Run In Injury Crash

Tow truck drivers have to deal with the aftermath of crashes all the time. This often involves interaction with the police. That’s what makes this next case so strange. Patch reports.

According to the report, there was a wreck in El Cajon at Jamacha Road near Main Street in the late afternoon. A tow truck was hauling two vehicles and made a sudden turn, colliding with another vehicle traveling in the same direction. The tow truck kept going and crashed into nearby palm trees near an apartment complex.

The police say that the driver got out of the tow truck and ran away on foot, but came back later while investigators were still working the scene. He was arrested on suspicion for felony hit-and-run. The people in the other vehicle were taken to the hospital for serious injuries. None are believed to be life-threatening. The tow truck driver was also injured in the crash and went to the hospital for treatment after his arrest.

Any crash involving an injury needs to be reported to the police. Leaving the scene of an injury accident before help arrives isn’t just cruel to the others involved. It also puts you in great legal risk and will jeopardize any chances for compensation from an insurance company.

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