Sleeping Woman Loses Her Life In Tractor Accident

A woman has died after she was run over by a tractor while she slept on the beach in Oceanside yesterday. 

KTLA reports that the fatal accident happened just before 10:00 a.m. at  Oceanside Harbor Beach on Monday, September 28th, when a woman estimated to be in her 40s or 50s was struck by a large Caterpillar tractor. According to a statement released by the Oceanside Police Department, the piece of heavy equipment was being used to remove a heavy dredge pipe from the beach. 

Authorities say that police and emergency crews from the Oceanside Fire Department responded to the scene after receiving a call of an industrial accident. 

The operator of the tractor believed that he had struck a hole on the beach.  After getting out of the tractor, he realized that he had run over a person.  It is not clear whether the woman was inside a construction site when the fatal accident occurred.

Before the accident, the woman had been spotted lying on the beach by a group of surfers. One of the surfers approached the woman asked her if she was ok, and she seemed to be alright.  She had just been sleeping on the beach.

 Police don’t believe that impairment by alcohol or drugs had any role in the accident. 

The body of the woman was taken to the San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office to determine how she died and her identity.

The company that owned the large tractor, Mason Construction, stated its President, John Holmes. Holmes told members of the press that he and his company were “saddened by the tragic accident.”  Holmes went on to say that the company is fully cooperating with the Oceanside Police Department regarding the investigation of the incident.

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