Police Report States Tiger Woods Was Speeding Before Crash

Last February, there was a crash that made national news. Tiger Woods, the famed golf star, crashed his SUV outside of Los Angeles and received major injuries. Now the sheriff’s department has declared the cause of the crash. The Northern Daily Leader reports.

The police believe Woods was going nearly twice the speed limit on a downhill when he lost control of his SUV. He was in a 45 mph zone and was traveling between 84-87 mph. They also stated that speed and the curved roadway were the only reasons for the crash.

There was no evidence that Woods tried to brake, and it is possible that he may have stepped on the accelerator pedal accidentally. Woods was not intoxicated or on medication and was wearing his seatbelt at the time of the accident, nor was there any evidence of distracted driving.

At the time of the crash, Woods was driving an SUV and struck a raised median at high speed. This pushed the vehicle across two lanes of opposing traffic and into a tree. He is now in Florida recovering from surgery to his shattered leg and previous surgeries. He was recovering from back surgery at the time of the crash.

We wish Woods a swift recovery, and we also hope that he watches his speed in the future! This accident could have been far worse.



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