Video Of SUV Driving Off Cliff Released By Police

The San Mateo County Sheriff’s Department recently released video footage that shows the horrifying moment when a motorist drives their car off a cliff along Highway 1.

According to Mercury News, The video, taken from the dashboard camera of a motorist traveling along the highway, shows a dark green Lexus speeding toward the cliff before it disappears from view.

Officials say the incident happened on Monday, December 30th, at approximately 11 a.m. Authorities received calls reporting that a southbound motorist along Highway 1 had gone off a cliff near Gray Whale Cove State Beach.

Local fire and rescue teams were assisted by members of the Coast Guard and the California Highway Patrol in searching for the vehicle.  Car parts were later found in the water by rescue teams, but officials were uncertain if the parts found in the 30 – 40 foot deep waters were related to Monday’s crash.

According to CHP Search Officer, Bert Diaz, the search was suspended on Monday. Because of continued high surf advisories in the area, as of Wednesday, January 1st, investigators were still unable to continue the search for a victim or the wreckage of the vehicle.

The San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office will continue the search whenever weather and surf conditions allow.

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