Community Chips In To Help Orphaned Girls After DUI Crash

DUI accidents rob the lives and health of thousands of people each year in the United States. All drivers know that drinking and driving lowers your reaction times and your sense of judgement. When you’re operating a motor vehicle, that turns you into a weapon.

Sadly, that weapon killed the parents of three young girls in the Santa Ana area and sent them to the hospital. According to CBS Los Angeles, local police and sympathizers are doing what they can to help the children. The three girls have received nearly $430,000 through GoFundMe accounts, and also received visits from the Santa Ana Police Department. They came bearing toys and other presents for Christmas for the three girls, all of whom are five years old or younger. The aunts of the family have also agreed to raise the children.

“We want just to express that we see them, that we care for them and that we love them,” Chief David Valentin said according to the report. “They’re part of our community, and it’s not just about a few toys today, it’s what we can do for them for the foreseeable future as well.”

Fortunately for the family as well, police have a suspect in the case. She’s facing murder, hit-and-run, and DUI charges. Time will tell if these charges hold up in court.



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