Driver Dies When Car Smashes Into Building At Newport Beach

Shelters and pet-adoption agencies have seen a major bump in business during the COVID-19 pandemic. People are stuck at home, working from home, studying from home, missing friends and family, and so they have sought out cats and dogs to fill the pandemic-created gaps in their social and emotional lives. Shelters across the country have enjoyed the heightened publicity, and animal lovers all over rejoice that so many pets are finding new “forever homes,” as they say in the adoption industry.

Last Saturday night, a shelter full of cats received a traumatic jolt as a silver Mustang, traveling westbound along the West Coast Highway, smashed through a metal fence, leaving the highway and hitting the side of the shelter’s main building.

Thankfully, only the screen door of the building was damaged. The feline residents were unharmed.

Tragically, the same cannot be said about the human driver of the sports car. The 21-year-old man behind the wheel of the Mustang was severely injured at the scene. He was rushed to a Santa Ana hospital where, in the early hours of Sunday, he was pronounced dead.

The Mustang was heavily damaged, as well. The authorities are still investigating the exact cause of the accident. It is not known, for example, how fast the vehicle was traveling when it left the highway, nor do authorities know for sure how or why the driver lost control of the Mustang.

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