Couple Killed In Deadly Street Racing Accident

In the state of California, as in most places around the country, street racing is illegal. In spite of street or drag racing being glamorized in movies and books, it can be an extremely dangerous game which places not only drivers participating at risk, but also innocent bystanders. All too often, street racing results in severe injury or death.  

The San Luis Obispo Tribune recently reported on an incident in Los Angeles on Friday, April 12th in which a husband and wife were struck and killed in a suspected street race. The Los Angeles Police Department has arrested two suspects in connection to the case.

Investigators say that Olivia Enriquez West, 59, and husband, Leland West, were in their Toyota Corolla making a left turn at an intersection when their vehicle was struck by one of two Dodge Chargers. The couple was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash.

LAPD spokesperson Lt. Meghan Aguilar said in a statement that the driver of one of the chargers, a 25-year-old woman, was hospitalized with serious injuries. Police say they intend to arrest the woman on murder charges.

The second suspect in the street racing case, Jared Walter Anderson, 26, was arrested by police on Sunday for his role in this crash.  Anderson is also being charged in an additional hit-and-run collision that ended in a fatality in Hollywood on Saturday.

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