Deputy In Critical Condition After Being Struck By Alleged Drunk Driver

A Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy from the Lakewood station is in critical condition after being struck by what officials believe was a driver who was behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol. 

According to a report appearing on the KTLA website, the incident happened near the intersection of Downey Avenue and Alondra Boulevard after the LA County Sheriff’s department received a call regarding a man in the neighborhood that was behaving erratically. 

Responding to the scene and before the sheriff’s deputy was able to get out of her cruiser to investigate the situation, a man ran up to her sheriff’s cruiser and began to assault her.  The man then took off.   

The sheriff’s deputy got out of her cruiser to pursue the suspect on foot.  While she was running after him, she was struck by a driver in a Chevy Suburban that was making a turn at the intersection. 

The deputy who has been with the LACSD for five years suffered severe injuries.  She was taken to St. Francis Medical Center for treatment of injuries she sustained in the crash. She is listed as being in critical condition. So far, authorities have not released her identity.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva told reporters that traffic video taken from the scene of the crash shows that after hitting the deputy, the driver took off on foot, making the crash a hit-and-run.

Law enforcement officers found the driver a short distance away from the scene of the accident.  Officers suspected him of driving under the influence of alcohol and placed him under arrest.

Sheriff’s deputies were also able to locate and arrest the man who had been behaving erratically and attacked the deputy. 

Both incidents are still under investigation.

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