Widower Sues Land Rover For Gearshift Accident That Killed His Wife

Sometimes a vehicle part gets recalled before anything bad happens thanks to some sharp-eyed engineer or quality control professional. For a lot of recalls, it takes a pattern of deaths and injuries before they’ll claim responsibility. One husband is fighting for justice after his wife was killed by an alleged flaw in Range Rovers. CBS reports.

The victim owned a 2017 Range Rover SUV. This model uses a dial to shift between gears rather than a stick. Before the deadly accident, she complained to her husband that it was difficult to tell which gear was active. One day, she got out of her vehicle and it rolled on top of her. She died a few days later, leaving her husband behind to raise the children alone.

He has filed suit against the maker of the vehicle about the allegedly faulty gear selector. The lawsuit cites a 2013 message to Land Rover dealers warning of problems with the gearshift module and recommending repairs. Another set of documents also claim that the maker was aware of several rollaway complaints related to shifters in their vehicles.

However, an investigation by the NHTSA, which is responsible for overseeing vehicle recalls, could not find a mechanical or electrical problem in these shifters and blamed drivers instead. However, they are not opposed to reopening the issue with further evidence. There are also warning lights and sounds when a driver opens the door when the car is not in park.

Since several high-profile rollover accidents, many cars built past 2018 now have safeguards to prevent this kind of an accident.

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