Driver In Stolen Pickup Causes Fatal Crash And Escapes

A man on the run caused a fatal accident on Saturday, only to then escape in another getaway car before authorities could arrive. This incident happened at the intersection of Coldwater Canyon and Roscoe Boulevard in Sun Valley, according to this article on Speedlux.

A man in a reportedly stolen Silverado pickup truck ran a red light, striking a silver mini cooper. The driver of the Mini Cooper, estimated to be about 50-60 years old, was killed as a result of the crash. After this first collision, the pickup was sent spinning and it hit a silver Pathfinder that was stopped at a red light. The Pathfinder was hit so hard that it hit another car next to it.

In the immediate aftermath of this crash, the driver of the Silverado fled the scene on foot and entered a nearby silver sedan, which had people inside it. The silver sedan then sped away from the scene. Police found the sedan about a mile away from the crash, abandoned.

In this shocking turn of events, police are still trying to figure out who the driver of the apparently stolen Silverado was. Were the people in the silver sedan aligned with this driver? Where did they go after they abandoned the getaway car? These are things police are puzzling through now.


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