Good Samaritan Faces Tragedy After Crash

Sometimes the best of intentions can lead to horrific outcomes. That’s what happened in a case where someone stopped to help another driver in need and got caught up in another crash. KTLA reports on the tragic story.

The crash happened in the Cajon Pass on the southbound 15 Freeway last Tuesday evening. A car had crashed in the pass and another driver stopped in their Ford Explorer to assist the other driver. After helping the driver, he got back into the Explorer.

That’s when another car crashed into the back of the Explorer and pushed it into the original wrecked car. From the report, the drivers were okay. However, a four-year-old child was in the Explorer as well. She had to be transported to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center. Unfortunately, she died several hours later.

Police do not believe that the third driver was under the influence, but the report did not say how fast the other vehicle was going at the time of the impact. Also, the report states that the Explorer was parked in the first lane ahead of the wrecked car. It is unknown if there was enough room to pull over off the roadway from the report.

It is indeed a good deed to help other motorists if they’re hurt. However, you must do it in a safe manner. Pull over as far as you can and put on your hazard lights. Assume that other cars on the road cannot see you.

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