Golf Cart Accident Kills Teen Autistic Student

Authorities are looking into the death of an Orange High School student after getting into a golf cart accident on the Orange County Unified School District Campus on Monday.

The Los Angeles Times reported on its website that Emmanuel “Manny” Perez, 15, who had been diagnosed with severe autism was on the school campus with his aide when he got into a parked golf cart and took off. The aide and school staff tried to get Manny to stop the cart, but the teen continued on and crashed it into a brick wall.

Emergency crews quickly arrived at the accident scene, and he was rushed to Children’s Hospital in Orange County. Manny later died as the result of injuries he sustained in the crash.

Manny’s mother, Michaela Corona was given conflicting information surrounding the crash that took Manny’s life by the school district’s administrators. Understandably, she wants answers.

Robert Glassman, attorney for the surviving family members, said that at first, Manny’s mother was told that Manny had managed to get away from his one-on-one aide and get into the golf cart and accelerate the vehicle into the brick wall. A second account is offered to the family indicating that Manny was already in the golf cart with a school administrator when the administrator got out for a moment, the keys still in the ignition of the cart. Manny took control of the vehicle and then crashed it. Glassman says that either explanation is unacceptable.

Doctors who performed surgery in an attempt to save Manny’ life say that his injuries were so severe and extensive that there was nothing they could have done to save his life. Corona wants to know if there was any delay in calling 911 and if quicker access to medical care may have saved her son’s life.

The family hopes that whatever the lawsuit reveals, they hope to examine school policies and procedures will be looked at so that such a thing never happens to another family in the future.

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