Pursuit Ends In Crash, Suspect Running From Vehicle, Arrested

A high-speed police chase disrupted the otherwise peaceful Los Angeles streets earlier this week when a suspect driving an allegedly stolen vehicle tried to outrun law enforcement. The chase didn’t last long, according to this report from Los Angeles CBS.

The driver was speeding in his effort to get away. As he tried to make a turn at the corner of 58th Street and Flower Street, he miscalculated and hit a power pole outside a home in the Vermont-Slauson area. The pole was knocked down as a result of the crash. It is unknown how many residents in the area lost power because of the accident.

The suspect wasn’t ready to give up yet. He took to fleeing on foot. But, according to the authorities, he was captured and arrested near Slauson Avenue. Thankfully, in this brief chase and crash, no one else was injured. Since the incident occurred about 11 p.m., the families inside the homes near the crash must have been jolted by the sound the accident must have made, not to mention all the police vehicles with their sirens. 

We sometimes glorify high-speed chases. We might watch them on TV, but the reality of such pursuits is very different. They rarely last very long, since law enforcement is able to mobilize and cut off any possible escape route for the fleeing suspect. They are also much more dangerous than the way they are portrayed on television.

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