Helen Hunt Injured After Rollover Crash, No Significant Injuries

An accident can happen at any time and to anyone.  A scary rollover crash unfolded on Wednesday night after the vehicle that actress Helen Hunt was riding in was clipped by another vehicle.

ET Online reports that Ms. Hunt has been working on a limited revival of the hit series, “Mad About You.” in which she co-starred in with friend, Paul Reiser.  On Wednesday night, Hunt was riding in the back of a black SUV somewhere in the Mid-City area of Los Angeles when the driver of her SUV assumed that they had the right of way as they crossed an intersection.  Just before making it through, the rear of the vehicle was struck by a white car. The impact caused the SUV to roll onto its side.

The Los Angeles Police Department issued a statement saying that Hunt was one of several people who were taken to area hospitals for treatment after the accident.  Hunt was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Beverly Hills after having complained of pain after the crash. 

A representative for the Oscar-winning actress had complained of pain immediately following the crash. Hunt suffered no significant injuries, and doctors later released her from the hospital.

Investigators have determined that there was no drug or alcohol impairment related to the crash. No charges have been filed because no crime had been committed.

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