Police Search For Driver Of Hit-And-Run Crash

We are taught from childhood to be responsible, to stand up and help others, and even to take responsibility for our mistakes. We’re taught these things, not because they make out lives easier, but because they are part of being an upstanding member of society.

Last Wednesday, a man was stuck and killed while walking along the road. The incident happened on Lynwood Drive. It was somewhat late, at about 9:25 p.m., when a truck struck the pedestrian.

According to this report by KTLA, first responders tried to help the victim, providing much-needed medical aid. But the poor soul died at the scene. The driver did not stop after striking the pedestrian with his vehicle. Instead, he continued east along Lynwood Drive. The hit-and-run crash happened near Golden Avenue.

Even thought this driver fled the scene, surveillance video showed what vehicle it was that hit the victim, leading to an area-wide manhunt for the suspect.

The vehicle has been identified as an early-2000’s Nissan Frontier single-cab pickup, white in color. The truck will probably have damage on the front passenger side of the vehicle, according to police. Officials released photos of the truck from the surveillance footage in hopes of finding the perpetrator.

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