Traffic Collision Results In Gushing Fire Hydrant

It’s usually bad form to find humor in something as potentially serious as a car accident. After all, such collisions can easily prove fatal to someone involved, be that a driver, a passenger, or even a pedestrian, an innocent bystander simply walking in the wrong place at the wrong time. On top of that, even a seemingly simple accident can cause injuries that will result in unpaid time off from work or loss of employment, months of pain and suffering, and crippling medical expenses.

No, a vehicular accident is no laughing matter. And yet there are times when a collision has a bit of humor baked into it. In some cases, the damage done, while costly, can also create a funny scene, something you might expect to see in a comedy movie.

In Panorama City, according to this KNN report, a traffic collision was reported at 14800 Roscoe Boulevard. The collision happened at approximately 3:28 early last Sunday morning. The Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles Fire Department responded promptly. What they encountered was a mess.

A fire hydrant had been broken and water was spraying up into the air with such force that it was raining down on the roof of a nearby building. In addition to that, a light pole had fallen over and a bus stop bench was also damaged.

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