Loaned Lambo Found Flipped And Abandoned By Police

The California Highway Patrol and the Los Angeles Police Department have a bit of a mystery on their hands. In the early morning hours of Wednesday, December 11th, someone “borrowed” a 2018 Lamborghini Huracán, flipped it onto its roof, and abandoned it along the Los Angeles Crest Highway.

The Drive reports that the California Highway Patrol’s dispatchers received a call about an abandoned Lamborghini, but no one was inside or near the overturned sportscar.

The area where CHP officers found the vehicle was along a winding stretch of the Angeles Crest Highway, which runs from the San Gabriel Valley through the San Gabriel Mountains and connects with the Angeles National Forest. In spite of the vehicle’s flashers being on when CHP officers responding to the call, it presented a potential hazard to other motorists driving along the busy route.

Investigators at the scene found no sign of a driver or passenger but did find some blood spots around the overturned Lamborghini.  Area hospitals did not receive any patients in the emergency room that might have been connected to the crash.

A statement released to reporters by authorities indicated that the owner of the high-end import had not been driving at the time, but instead had been loaned to a friend.  The California Highway Patrol is asking anyone with any information about the vehicle or what happened to contact their Altadena office at (626) 296-8100.

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