High Speed Van Chase In Garden Grove Ends In Surrender

Garden Grove Police were involved in a high-speed pursuit of a possibly stolen van that ranged over freeways and surface streets in Orange County on Monday afternoon. 

ABC 7 reports that the chaser began in Garden Grove at approximately 2:40 p.m. on Monday, October 12th, when police spotted a van that they believed may have been stolen. 

The van’s driver attempted to flee from law enforcement officers over the 22 Freeway, then later onto the 405 Freeway heading northbound near Orange County’s John Wayne International Airport.

During the chase, police believe that the driver tossed a firearm out of the vehicle’s window. At another point during the pursuit and before reaching the freeway, a passenger jumped out of the van and fled on foot.

The van’s driver entered the 405 Freeway and exited again in Costa Mesa at the Bristol Street exit.  He continued to obey traffic signals and follow the posted speed limits. 

The chase ended approximately an hour after it began in Garden Grove.  The driver stopped in a residential neighborhood near the intersection of Volkwood Street and Heather Avenue.

The driver exited the van with his hands raised. As he did so however, the van began rolling down the street. It eventually crashed into a fence and some trash cans at a neighborhood residence. 

Officers with the California Highway Patrol have arrested the driver, and he has been taken into custody.

No further information has been released at this time. 


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