Hit-And-Run Puts Man In Critical Condition

A man that needs a wheelchair to get around is now in critical condition after a hit-and-run crash on Sunday night in Los Angeles, according to this report from the News Maven.

The crash happened at about 11:54 in the evening. The Los Angeles Fire Department responded to a call reporting that a hit-and-run had occurred. The call also said that a man in a wheelchair was involved. Emergency response personnel rushed to the scene of the hit-and-run. There, they found the man in critical condition. He had to be taken to the hospital immediately for treatment.

This happened on the 700 block of West Imperial Highway.

LAFD paramedics were able to assist the man’s condition and safely transport him to a local hospital.

The authorities are actively investigating this crash, as they piece together what happened and pursue whoever hit the man and left him on the side of the road a hair’s width away from death.

There are people that cause accidents by their despicable decisions. The decision to drive drunk, for example, causes numerous accidents, many of which are fatal, across the United States.

But another form of horrendous decision is to decide to leave a crash after the fact. Perhaps the guilty party wants to avoid getting into trouble. Perhaps they were intoxicated at the time. But there is no excuse. Accidents happen. When they do, we must step up and take responsibility and provide assistance where possible.

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