Investigation Continues For Fatal Hit-And-Run In Mission Viejo

The concept of the news cycle hasn’t been around for all that long. Not too many decades ago, when something happened, it would be the talk of the town for days or even weeks. But we learn about too much happening all the time. Things get forgotten all too quickly. There’s always another traffic accident, and other crime being investigated, another crisis or political scandal. The 24-hour news cycle now feels more like a 4-hour cycle.

Unfortunately, that means we often lose track of the “small stories,” those that don’t grab the public’s attention. And yet, behind the scenes, those directly involved, such as the families of someone that has been killed and the law enforcement officers that continue the investigations long after reporters have moved on to something else, carry on striving to understand what happened and what can be done about it now.

Take the example of a man that was hit by a car earlier this month, on the 2 of February. As was recently reported by CBS Los Angeles, the Orange County coroner’s office recently released the name of the man that was killed. At the same time, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department continues to investigate the hit-and-run incident that killed this 38-year-old Californian.

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