Man Caught In Police Pursuit Dies In Fiery Crash

Experts tell us that most deaths related to car crashes are preventable. Accidents can be prevented if we apply safety practices, obey the traffic laws, and drive with caution at all times. But even doing all those things does not guarantee safe roads for us and our family because we cannot control what other people do on the road.

Take the example of a man who died this week in Los Angeles after a man being chased by the police hit his vehicle, according to this report on Yahoo! News.

The 37-year-old family man was driving home from work when, as he passed through an intersection, another vehicle smashed into him. This occurred at the intersection of 3rd and Fairfax near The Grove. The man worked as a chef at a local hotel.

Police responded immediately to pull this innocent man from his SUV, which had caught fire by this time. This was to no avail, however, because he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Now, his family mourns his loss. He was described as a kind man who loved everyone. According to the sheriff, the man police were pursuing appeared to be under the influence. He’d been driving recklessly and, when deputies attempted to pull him over, he sped away instead, running the red light that caused another innocent man to lose his life.

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