Man Sustains Critical Burns In LA Freeway Crash

A man was rushed to the hospital after being rescued from a burning vehicle on Thursday night. The man was driving his Mercedes-Benz along the Harbor (110) Freeway, heading northbound. For an unknown reason, he hit the guard rail near the apex of an overpass, flying off the freeway and hitting some palm trees. After that, the vehicle erupted in flames, according to this report from My News LA.

This crash happened around 10:50 Thursday evening. California Highway Patrol officials were quick to respond, especially when it became evident that the driver was trapped in the burning vehicle. Firefighters arrived on the scene and worked quickly to control and put out the fire, only then was the driver able to be extracted from the vehicle. He was then rushed to a nearby hospital with burns on his body, as well as other injuries.

Overpasses save lives. They do this by reducing the number of intersections (and especially high-speed intersections) in a city or area. Intersections are where the vast majority of accidents happen. Overpasses reduce the number of accidents wherever they are constructed. That said, occasionally, overpasses present new problems, such as when a vehicle falls off an overpass or is knocked off in an accident on the overpass. While these kinds of accidents are rare, they can be deadly.

Thankfully, in this case, the driver of the Mercedes was saved by heroic LA first responders.

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