Motorcyclist Killed In Crash In Modesto

While it may seem more convenient to drive a car or truck, considering the unpredictable weather, the possibility of extreme temperatures, and the mess a helmet can make of your hair, motorcyclists around the world will tell you that there are advantages to riding a bike that make exposure to the elements and other issues worth it.

For example, motorcycles are smaller and therefore more fuel-efficient. On top of that, it is easier to navigate traffic and find parking for smaller vehicles, and it’s hard to get smaller than a bike.

That said, there is another consideration that is highlighted regularly in the news, whenever an accident on the road involving a motorcycle happens: the danger involved.

A motorcyclist was recently killed in Modesto after his bike collided with another vehicle, according to this report from the New Maven. This fatal crash happened on Sylvan Avenue and East Oakdale Road. Fire and EMS responded to the scene, but the person riding the motorcycle was found dead there. Traffic investigators are actively working to piece together exactly what happened to cost this person their life and to determine if the accident could have been prevented.

If you are considering getting a motorcycle for yourself, please take lessons from a riding school. You’ll learn how to operate your bike safely and learn techniques to keep yourself safer if you’re about to crash.

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