Patrol Car Hit By Alleged Drunk Driver In LA

 No matter who you are, you can be hurt in an accident.  That’s what happened to two Los Angeles Police officers in the very early hours of Monday morning when their patrol cruiser was hit by an alleged drunken driver.

According to ABC 7 in Los Angeles, the accident happened at the intersection of Magnolia Boulevard and Tujunga Avenue at approximately 1:0 a.m. while the officers were responding to a call in the area.  Before reaching their destination, their patrol cruiser was t-boned by a vehicle that the LAPD allege had run a red light.

LAPD backup officers responded to the scene where the officers in the disabled patrol car complained of neck pain.  Paramedics transported the two police officers to an area hospital for treatment of minor, non-life-threatening injuries.  Both officers are expected to make a full recovery. Their identities have not been released.

Officers responding to the scene of the crash observed the unidentified suspect driver exhibiting signs of intoxication.  He also complained of pain but was not taken to the hospital. LAPD officers arrested him at the scene, and he was booked into custody.

The accident is still currently under investigation. So far, the LAPD has not said what charges are pending against the driver.

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