Police Search For Driver In Hit-And-Run From Last Week

Last Monday, police from the Los Angeles Police Department started circulating photos and video of a truck that was suspected to be involved in a hit-and-run crash, according to this report. The crash happened on January 4, around noon. Now the police are asking the public for help in identifying the driver of an early 1990’s model white Chevrolet pickup.

Popular culture looks down on so-called “snitches.” But responsible citizens with any information regarding this pickup or the driver will come forward to divulge what they know. Why? Because taking such a step helps make the LA area safer for everybody. Keeping silent only makes it more likely that such an incident will happen again.

The truck was allegedly traveling west on Adams Boulevard when it struck a 47-year-old man while he was fixing his bicycle near Nevin Avenue and East Adams Boulevard.

In addition to it being the right thing to do, witnesses may be tempted to report what they know to get the 25-thousand-dollar reward being offered to anyone that can provide information that leads to the suspect’s arrest and conviction.

Crashes like this happen every day in the Los Angeles area. It is sad when a pedestrian is hit, left either dead or severely injured. But it is even sadder when the person responsible for the accident doesn’t even stop to help the person they’ve hurt. Many pedestrians are later pronounced dead because the perpetrator fled the scene instead of calling 911.

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