A Man Warns About A Generator Which Caused A Dangerous Explosion

When purchasing any product, consumers have a reasonable expectation that the product has met all government standards and can be used safely. One man from Signal Hill is warning the public about a generator that exploded in his RV and left him with severe burns.

According to KTLA Channel 5,  Dallas Guiher suffered second and third-degree burns on his hands, arms, and legs when the generator that was aboard their RV exploded on August 14, 2018.  Because the manufacturer of the generator, Champion Power Equipment, is refusing to take responsibility for the accident, Guiher and his wife, Linda, want to warn others, so it doesn’t happen to them.

Dallas had been working on the family’s motorhome for several hours when his wife, Linda, came to bring him a sandwich. She had the couple’s young daughter with her, and later they fell asleep inside the RV. The next morning, Linda noticed that the air conditioning had shut off, and she asked her husband to restart it.

Dallas got the generator out, filled it, and attempted to start it with the remote. The unit didn’t respond, so Dallas, who is himself a mechanic,  tried to start it manually. That’s when the unit exploded, catching both his hands and pants on fire. Dallas attempted to put the flames out when a second explosion occurred. 

Yelling to his wife to get herself and the baby out of the RV, he went across the street to roll in sprinklers to put out the fire. When he came to, he was in the hospital and would remain there recovering from severe burns for a month.  He also had to learn how to walk again.

Dallas reached out to the maker of the generator, who immediately blamed him for misusing the product, claiming they had CCTV footage, which proved he was at fault.  Dallas posted reviews both on Yelp and Home Depot’s websites, warning others about the dangers posed by the generator. Home Depot no longer sells the unit.

Guiher has been a certified mechanic for Volkswagen and BMW for 25 years and says his warning isn’t about money or a pending lawsuit, but he wants other consumers to avoid getting hurt.

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