Residents Complain About Commercial Trucks Using Their Streets Illegally

Residents of a neighborhood located in the Barrio Logan area are saying that they are being overrun by commercial trucks that are illegally using their streets to get to their routes faster.

KUSI in San Diego recently reported that truck traffic that happened in the early morning hours on Friday shows just why truck traffic is prohibited in the historic neighborhood.

According to Officer Tony Martinez with the San Diego Police Department, the incident happened on Friday, morning at approximately 1:45 a.m. at the intersection of 30th and Main Streets when the big rig got out of control. The semi-tractor trailer rig struck two fire hydrants, knocked out a power pole, and crashed into two cars before the rig caught fire very close to a home.

The incident caused more than 3,700 San Diego Gas & Electric(SDG&E) customers to be without power in the Mountain View, Lincoln Park, and Logan Heights neighborhoods. The outage was reported to SDG&E at approximately 2:45 A.M.

Truck drivers should not even be in this neighborhood and by law must adhere to an established truck route along Harbor Drive. The situation of trucks illegally driving through the neighborhood is causing a great deal of concern.

Homeowner Philomena Marino told KUSI reporters, ‘It’s very serious. We are very lucky that this time it wasn’t a gas rig. I wouldn’t be here; my neighbors wouldn’t be here. This would be a different conversation. This would be a serious catastrophe for the city of San Diego.”

After talked to city officials and have gotten nowhere, Marino insists that the time for action is now. Another area resident, Diane Tavorian, said that the ordinances against truck traffic in the neighborhood have been in place for more than a decade. Tavorian is calling on San Diego Police to step up their efforts to enforce the law.

A spokesperson for the San Diego Fire Department said the situation was a particularly tense one because there were downed power lines across the big rig and on the streets of the neighborhood. SDPG&E had to have a representative come to the crash site before fire crews could get to the cab of the big rig and deal with the emergency.

Power was not completely restored to the neighborhood until after 8:00 P.M. that night.

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