Several People Were Injured In Anaheim Crash

Even what many would consider a minor traffic accident or fender bender can end up with someone getting hurt. Incidents like a chain reaction crash that happened in Anaheim earlier this week can send drivers, passengers, and others to the hospital.

Station KTLA reports the crash happened at approximately 5:30 p.m. on Monday, October 16, in the 200 block of Brookhurst Street when a BMW SUV rear-ended an Acura MDX.   

While Anaheim Police Officers were investigating the initial crash, another crash occurred when the driver of a Honda Civic crashed into the back of the BMW. The driver of the SUV and one of the police officers were hurt in the secondary crash.

Sgt. Shane Carringer with the Anaheim Police Department told reporters with the Orange County Register the officer suffered a broken leg and other injuries. The officer, the BMW driver, and the driver of the Honda Accord were transported to the hospital. The two drivers suffered only minor injuries. 

Sgt. Carringer said that so far, investigators do not believe that drugs or alcohol played any role in either crash.

The Anaheim Police Officer and the two drivers were all released from the hospital as of Tuesday.  The police officer is expected to spend a short period of time healing before returning to work.

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