Widow Sues City Of Los Angeles Over Husband’s Death At Beach

Rip currents are an extremely dangerous phenomenon at some beaches. Due to the layout of the land, the ocean can create a current that pulls you well away from shore before you know it. Most beaches with strong rip currents have warning signs telling swimmers to stay away or use caution. One widow of a professional wrestler is suing the state and the City of Los Angeles after husband’s death due to one of these tides. The Daily News reports.

The deceased and his son were swimming off the beach when they both were caught in the rip current. The son was rescued but the man drowned. The suit alleges negligence and dangerous condition of public property. More specifically, that the beach didn’t have enough signage to warn people of the dangers and that the lifeguards on duty did not have enough training to rescue her husband. Additionally, the suit alleges there wasn’t enough equipment and that the rescuers ignored her husband.

The last anyone saw of him was when a lifeguard saw a wave crash over him and wash him out to sea. It took over three days for his body to wash back to shore. The son did not need hospitalization.

There has been no comment from the state or the city about the incident so far.

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