Skydiver Killed After Landing On Semi-Truck

The United States Parachuting Association estimates that are some 3 million parachuting or skydiving jumps that occur each year. With only 21 of that figure ending in tragedy, the chance of a parachuting jump ending in a fatality is just 0.0007%.

Even though the odds are so low, the worst can happen. KTLA in Los Angeles reports that a skydiver was killed when they landed in the middle of Highway 99 in Acampo, colliding with an 18-wheeler.

A spokesperson for the California Highway Patrol told reporters that the 28-year-old woman from Colombia along with six other parachutists took off from the Lodi Parachute Center. While six in the group of parachutists all landed safely, at approximately 2:00 p.m., the victim landed, striking the rear end of a big rig.

There are conflicting eyewitness accounts whether the parachutist was already on the ground when they were hit by the big rig or that the parachutist hit before colliding with the truck and ending up on the roadway.

Emergency crews from the California Highway Patrol, firefighters, and the San Joaquin Sheriff’s Department arrived on the scene, and the parachutist subsequently died from the injuries she sustained from the crash with the big rig.

Authorities have not released her identity pending notification of family members.

This marks the seventh death from parachuting expeditions launching from the Lodi Parachute Center over the past three years.


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