Women Suspected Of DUI Overturns Vehicle, Kills Passenger


There is nothing wrong with going out and enjoying a few drinks with friends, especially if it is done responsibly. Most people manage to do this responsibly by limiting their alcohol intake or choosing a designated driver who hasnt consumed any alcohol and makes sure everyone is safe. When someone gets behind the wheel while they are intoxicated by either alcohol or drugs, it’s considered a criminal offense in the state of California.

The Sacramento Bee reported last week on a fatal, single-vehicle crash on Tuesday, April 9th which left one person dead and the driver arrested on suspicion of DUI.

Folsom Police Department investigators estimate that the accident happened shortly after 2:00 a.m. when the driver, Alexis Little, 21 of Citrus Heights struck a utility pole causing her Subaru Forester to overturn in the southbound lanes of East Bidwell Street.

Hill had four passengers in the vehicle with her at the time of the fatal crash. One of the passengers, Joshua Lowery, 28, of Cameron Park, had been riding in the front seat of the vehicle. He was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics from the Folsom Fire Department who responded to the crash.

Eyewitnesses to the accident indicated to police that the vehicle had been speeding before the crash. Hill and the three remaining passengers were transported to an area hospital and were listed with moderate injuries.

Little was later arrested on the charge of DUI and vehicular manslaughter while under the influence. The court has set her bond at $300,000.

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