The California Highway Patrol To Wait With Motorists In Unsafe Situations

If you are a stranded motorist and feel unsafe while waiting for a tow, the California Highway Patrol wants you to know that they will send an officer to wait with you until help arrives.

According to a report appearing on the Orange County Register website this morning, if a motorist calls in for assistance at a call box or by dialing 911 and tells dispatchers that they feel unsafe, they will try to send a CHP officer to stay with that motorist. 

The OC Register’s Honk columnist spoke to several CHP Officers. They found that it doesn’t matter if a driver is male or female or with someone else; the CHP is more than happy to send out a law enforcement officer if one is available. 

Officer Erin Winstead, a spokesperson for the California Highway Patrol in Orange County, said, “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done that.”

Although some might think the gender of the stranded motorist might affect whether or not an officer is sent out, or somehow make a difference in what the gender of the officer or the tow driver that is sent out, Office Winstead insists that it doesn’t. 

The CHP stresses that they are not the only law enforcement agencies who will lend a hand. It is not unusual for police officers and county sheriff’s deputies to go above and beyond and to give motorists a hand.  It’s all a part of their community outreach to make sure that everyone feels safer on California’s streets and highways.

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