A Driver Is Injured In A Bizarre Slow-Speed Chase With The Police

A man who led police on a slow-speed chase that lasted more than two hours is now in the hospital after he crashed his vehicle off a parking garage near Monterey Avenue in Pomona on Thursday night.

FOX-LA reports that the bizarre incident began at approximately 9:30 on East Holt Avenue with speeds that were around 30 miles per hour or less.  

Police officers observed the driver running through red lights, stop signs, and making unexpected U-turns in the middle of intersections. 

Footage taken from Fox’s News Chopper Four-Alpha shows the driver of the suspect vehicle getting into a confrontation with the driver of a pickup truck. The driver of the pickup truck followed the suspect and eventually rear-ended them.  

Police in Pomona says the suspect ended up in a cul-de-sac near the intersection of Towne and Monterey with nowhere else to go. The suspect drove into a raised parking structure located at an area business.  The suspect then drove his car through the barricade fence.  The blue four-door SUV landed on its roof in the street below.

A man who was the only occupant of the vehicle crawled out of his SUV.  Eyewitnesses say that the man stumbled as police officers arrived at the scene where he was taken into custody.

Soon after his arrest, the suspect taken to an area hospital for treatment of injuries suffered in the crash. Authorities have not released his identity or his current condition.  It is unclear if intoxication was a factor in the incident.

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