A Grandfather Suffers From Memory Loss After A Brutal Assault

A grandfather allegedly attacked in a parking lot earlier this month now has no memory of his family. The suspect in the incident is still at large.

NBC in Los Angeles reports that in the early morning hours of July 12th at the Arco gas station on Longden Avenue in Irwindale, 62-year-old Jose Sanchez was attacked while he was filling up his pickup truck with gas.  

The brutal and seemingly unprovoked attack was captured on security camera footage at the service station.  Sanchez can be seen talking to the suspect who was a passenger in a silver 2003 Honda Pilot. Moments later, the suspect can be seen punching Sanchez, leaving him lying in the parking lot next to his truck. 

Investigators say that Sanchez was found by a gas station employee nearly 20 minutes later.  He was transported to an area hospital for treatment of severe injuries. 

Sanchez’s daughter, Monica Gobolyos, told NBC that her father suffered significant head trauma and cannot remember the incident, nor can he remember members of his own family. 

“He knows his name. He knows he’s Jose,” Gobolyos said. “We repeatedly are telling him, ‘You are Jose, Jose, Jose.” She also said that the incident had left her father with severe brain damage, and it could take a long time for him to recover if he recovers at all.

Police have located the driver of the Honda Pilot; however, they have not found the suspect who punched Sanchez. 

The man is described as being of a large build. The Sanchez family is hoping that someone will recognize the person and contact Irwindale Police and bring them to justice.

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