A Tractor Trailer Hits A Cow, Runs Into Oncoming Traffic, And Has A Collision With A Vehicle

According to the Insurance Information Institute, in the US, there were 211 fatalities in vehicular accidents that involve hitting an animal in 2017. These accidents don’t just involve hitting a deer or other large game animal, for sometimes farm animals such as horses and cows can also wander onto the roadway and can cause a serious crash.

According to a recent article appearing on the Corning Observer website, on April 5th, two men were injured after a big rig collided with a cow and caused their vehicle to be run off of Interstate 5, just south of Red Bluff.

The California Highway Patrol said in a statement that at approximately 8:35 p.m. 47-year-old Arsen Sargsyan of North Hills was driving his 2010 International tractor-trailer rig southbound on Interstate 5 north of Flores Avenue when he encountered a black cow standing in his lane. 

The force of impact with the animal caused the 18-wheeler to veer to the left and cross into the northbound lanes of the interstate highway. The big rig struck a 2000 Oldsmobile.  The driver of the passenger vehicle has been identified as 45-yar-old Trenton Morrisseau of Cottonwood. Both the big rig and the Oldsmobile were severely damaged in the collision.

Morrisseau was rushed to St. Elizabeth Community Hospital with major injuries that he suffered in the crash. No further information has been released about his current condition.

Sargsyan also suffered minor injuries in the crash and was treated at the scene. He declined to be taken to the hospital. 

Investigators have determined that impairment was not a factor in the crash. Both drivers were wearing their seatbelts at the time of the accident.

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