Head-On Collision Causes Car Fire, Kills Two Children

Crashes that turn into car fires are fairly rare, but the chances go up in a head-on crash. There are more fluids that can catch fire and less protection than for gas tanks in modern vehicles. Here’s an example of such a crash that happened Thursday evening. ABC 30 reports.

The crash happened in the early evening near Corcoran on Highway 43, according to the report. A Toyota was speeding and drifted over the center line on the two-lane highway. It crashed into a Chevy Tahoe, flipped, and then caught fire. The driver in the Toyota was killed at the scene.

However, he wasn’t the only victim. Two children in the Tahoe were killed at the scene, girls ages 16 and 12. A young boy and the driver of the Tahoe were injured and taken to the hospital by first responders.

Police do not know if drugs are alcohol were part of the crash.

This is a very tragic case. We don’t expect people to cross over the center line of a highway when there’s such danger involved. Even in passing zones, safe drivers take pains to make sure no one is approaching. We may rather stay behind a slower driver than take the chance.

Our condolences go out to the families of the victims and we pray the police find answers for why this happened so they can get closure.

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