DUI Driver Sentenced To 30 Years To Life In Six-Fatality Crash

There are few things more tragic than losing someone you love in a crash involving a drunk driver. Losing a total of six lives, including that of a beloved family member because of making the bad choice of getting behind the wheel after drinking can make the loss just that much more painful.

As reported by Inside Edition on their website, 26-year-old Olivia Carolee Culbreath of Fontana, California was the sole survivor in a wrong-way DUI crash which happened on the morning of February 9, 2014.

Investigators reported that Culbreath was driving under the influence of alcohol when she was driving her Camaro at speeds of approximately 100 mph the wrong way on the freeway before crashing head-on with a Ford Explorer.  The accident left a spray of debris and wreckage across multiple lanes. Everyone who had been in the Ford Explorer was killed in the crash. They included the driver, Gregoria Megia –Martinez, 47, Letichia Ibarra, 42, Jessica Mejia, 20 and Ester Delgado, 80.  Also among the fatalities were Culbreath’s 24-year-old sister, Maya, and family, friend, 21-year-old Kristin Young.

Culbreath, the sole survivor in the fatal crash, was also seriously injured. Investigators found that Culbreath’s blood alcohol level was .15 percent.  The legal limit for driving after the consumption of alcohol across the country is 0.8 percent.  Prior to the fatal crash, Culbreath had a previous DUI conviction when she struck a utility pole, resulting in the loss of her license. 

The fatal crash occurred less than one week after Culbreath’s license was reinstated. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Lisa Lench, sentenced Culbreath 30-years to life imprisonment for six counts of second-degree murder. Culbreath entered a  plea of no-contest.

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