DUI Murder Charges Filed Over Anaheim Fatality

A 40 year old woman was charged with DUI murder in an Orange County District Court last week for her role in the death of a woman in Anaheim earlier this month.  

According to a report appearing on the Brinkwire website,  Courtney Pandolfi was charges with murder less than 48 hours after the accident.  Pandolfi lost control of her Jeep, and it jumped a  sidewalk, hitting and killing 23-year-old  Yesenia Lisette Aguilar, who was 35 weeks pregnant at the time.

Andolfi was rushed to an area hospital where she shortly died after her arrival. Doctors were able to deliver her baby daughter.  Andolfil’s husband, James Alvarez, has named the baby, Adalyn Rose.  The premature infant is still currently in the neonatal intensive care unit of UC Irvine Medical Center and is listed in critical condition.

Court records indicate that Pandolfi had three prior DUI convictions before this latest incident in Anaheim. Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer told the court on Thursday that Pandolfi’s actions were “beyond shocking’ and ‘absolutely reprehensible’”.

Spitzer went on to tell the court that despite Pandolfi knowing the consequences of drinking and driving, she did it anyway. “This was 100 percent preventable.,” he said. “There is no reason why a 23-year-old mother is dead, and her daughter will grow up without ever seeing her mother’s smile or hearing her voice.”

Pandolfi has not yet answered the charges against her.  She is expected to appear in court on September 4th.

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