Ferrari Split In Half In Crash, But Passenger Escapes With Minor Injuries

There are few cars in the world that fire the imagination in the way that a Ferrari does. The legacy of this luxury sports car is nothing short of legendary. Millions of people fantasize about what it might be like to own or even just drive such a car. What’s more, is that in spite of its reputation as being highly desirable for the capability to race at high speeds, Ferrari’s most recent safety ratings place it very high when compared to other vehicles.

That may have been what saved the life of a driver and passenger in a horrific wreck that happened in Johannesburg, South Africa. reports that the accident came when the driver lost control of his Ferrari California on slippery roads. The car was slammed into a utility pole with such force that it split the exotic vehicle in half.

South African authorities believe that the driver was probably going too fast for the road conditions. The front end of the car was torn from its chassis, its hood, body, brakes, and wheels were severely damaged. Even with all of the damage to the car, the motor did remain bolted to the frame. The car, which according to Kelly Blue Book is valued at $198,000 – $203,000 (USD), is a total loss.

The driver of the vehicle was uninjured while the female passenger, who had been riding in the Ferrari at the time of the crash, escaped with only minor injuries.

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