Fiat Chrysler Announces Floor Mat Recall

Fiat Chrysler has announced on Friday that the company is recalling some 186,233 of its Ram 1500 pickup trucks because the floor mats can interfere with the gas pedal.

According to the story appearing on the KNBC website, the company is urging owners of the vehicles to go to their dealership to have the mats reconfigured and eventually replaced.  Fiat Crysler has also said that if owners cannot get into their local dealership immediately, they should consider removing the all-weather mats in the truck if there is not enough room between the floor mat and the gas pedal.  

The recall comes after a customer experienced the mat interfering with the operation of their pickup truck’s gas pedal.  The customer was able to stop their vehicle safely using the brake-throttle override, which is included in all Ram pickup trucks manufactured since 2011.  The feature allows vehicle drivers to override the throttle by continuously applying pressure to the brake pedal. 

Fiat Chrysler said during its statement that so far, the company has received no reports of crashes or injuries due to the defect. The company also said that it estimates that just 1% of the more than 186,000 will have the defect. The recall is also said to include some 43,000 mats that were sold as accessories after consumers purchased the pickup trucks.

Registered owners of the vehicles can expect to be notified by mail sometime in mid-September. 


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