Lawsuit Filed Against CalTrans For Unmarked Barrier That Lead To Crash

Poorly marked or unmarked roadways, signs, and barriers can cause severe and even tragic accidents. This is something that former Muay Thai champion; Chris Bonilla is all-too-familiar with.

According to a story appearing on the Bloody Elbow website, Bonilla has filed suit against the California Department of Transportation after being in a horrific accident that nearly cost him his leg.

The 2018 accident, according to Bonilla, was caused by an unmarked barrier along the 10 Freeway in West Covina. Bonilla was approximately 20 miles outside of Los Angeles when he had to pull his vehicle over to the side of the road. As he did so, he struck an unmarked barrier crushing the front of his car. The impact severed Bonilla’s left leg. He was also left with a broken collarbone and a broken clavicle.

Doctors performed four surgeries and were able to reattach the lower portion of Bonilla’s leg. The injury was so extensive, however, that doctors fear he may still need to have the limb amputated. If the leg can be saved, Bonilla will likely be facing issues of mobility for the rest of his life.

This means that the former champion’s days of competition are more than likely over.

By the end of last year, Bonilla’s medical expenses were more than $900,000. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Bonilla with the expenses.

Bonilla is now suing the state of California, alleging that it failed to provide necessary protections to prevent the accident and resulting injuries that he suffered as a result.

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