One Dead In Two-Vehicle Collision In Porter Ranch

One person is dead after two vehicles collided in Porter Ranch on Saturday, according to this report from the News Maven.

The call came in at about 2:39 in the afternoon on Saturday. The Los Angeles Fire Department was originally told that a single vehicle had been in an accident and that one driver was trapped in their vehicle. Emergency response personnel rushed to the scene. There, they discovered that the original report was wrong in a few different ways. First, it was not a single-vehicle accident. Two cars had collided. Second, the person that had been reported as trapped in their vehicle turned out to already be dead. They were pronounced dead at the scene.

This collision happened on the 10800 block of N. Tampa Avenue. The vehicle with the driver that was killed had hit a pole after the initial collision. The pole was knocked over and the car had been mangled almost beyond recognition. The top of the car had also been sheared off, laying to one side, the driver sitting dead in the driver’s seat.

The police laid a pink blanket over the dead driver, waiting for an ambulance and coroner to arrive. In the meantime, they found the other driver to only have minor injuries. Officers are actively investigating this collision to figure out how it was caused.

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