Quick Thinking Mailman Provided Aid In Chainsaw Accident

An emergency often calls for quick thinking and action. Some people aren’t able to stay calm to deal with a crisis. However, others know what to do and respond, even when it’s a complete stranger who’s in trouble. In Norwalk, a mail carrier was such a person when he rushed to help a man who had cut himself with a chainsaw earlier this week.  

Channel 11 Alive in Los Angeles reports that on Monday, October 12, United States Postal Service mail carrier, Fernando Garcia, was on his delivery route when he heard a man scream and rushed to help.

In a statement to the Associated Press, Garcia told reporters that when he saw 70-year-old Miguel Cabral, he knew that Cabral needed immediate help.  Garcia rushed to use his belt as a tourniquet to try and stop the bleeding of 5-inch long and a 3-inch wide cut of Cabral’s upper arm near his elbow.

“I was fixing part of the roof in the garage,” Cabral said. “I looked once (at the cut) and I knew it was bad, so I told my sister to call the emergency.”

Cabral’s two sisters were also home at the time of the accident.  His younger sister was shouting, not knowing what to do. That’s when Garcia entered the backyard of the residence and saw the injured Cabral lying on the grass on his back.

Garcia took off his belt and applied it to Cabral’s arm to try to stop the bleeding.  He then stayed with the injured man until paramedics arrived at the scene. 

According to a Tweet issued by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office, Cabral’s prognosis is very good because of Garcia’s quick action.   

“I told him a million times, ‘Thank you.’,” Cabral said. “He is the real hero.”

Garcia has taken all of this in stride because he says that he sees the people he has met along his route as members of his extended family.

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