Worker Crushed By A Crane At Troublesome SoFi Stadium Construction Project

A construction project in Inglewood is facing its fourth death after a crane accident killed a worker. Yahoo News reported on the matter.

The project is a 298-acre development that includes the new SoFi Stadium. The latest death was reported by California’s Division of Occupational Health and Safety to be caused by a crushing accident involving a crane. The department is investigating the accident.

Of the other three deaths, only one seems to have been caused by a workplace problem. That one happened in June when a worker fell off of a roof from an estimated 120 feet off the ground. CAL-OSHA fined two companies in relation to that death and there is a lawsuit filed by the family about the incident. The company is appealing the cases.

Large scale constructions projects like this one are full of dangers for the unwary. All the safety codes that workers follow on these sites are written in the blood of people who have died in accidents. A big part of why workers compensation cases are so complicated is that the court must decide if an accident was caused by a company breaking the rules or if the injured worker had some role to play in the accident.

This issue can be clearly seen by another death at the facility. That death was due to cocaine overdose.

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