Young Man Killed In Accident Near Covina Boulevard

A single, split-second moment of distraction while driving can lead to a life-threatening accident. Or the decision to drink and drive can lead to poor judgment and delayed reflexes on the road, which can also result at the end of someone’s life on the road. All too often, young men and women get behind the wheel and make decisions that result in serious injury or death for themselves or others.

Take what happened in San Dimas, California, as an example of the tragedy that can happen on the road. A young man, only 19 years old, lost his life when he hit a big-rid truck on the 57 Freeway, according to this report from My News LA.

The young man seems to have been driving his 1995 Honda Civic at a high rate of speed when he hit the trailer portion of the big-rig, which was pulled along the shoulder of the Freeway. The young man sustained serious injuries and died soon after. The driver of the tractor-trailer, on the other hand, was not injured at all in the crash.

The freeway had to be closed for several hours as officials investigated and cleaned up the area, but those lanes soon re-opened, allowing traffic to pass through once again. The family of this young man continues to mourn as they try to work out why he was driving so fast and why the accident happened in the first place.

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